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DSOA strives to provide high quality 2D orthomosaic’s and complete comprehensive 3D digital twins of anything you need converted from reality to the digital space.

Areas We Serve



Topography Assessment, Post-Planting Follow-up, Mid Growing Season analysis, and Canopy Tree Count.


Provide your clients with a digital orthomosaic of their project and progress.


Fully certified as per Transport Canada regulations.

Emergency services

Structure fires, 3D mapping of the emergency scene for post-analysis, search, and rescue using thermal imaging technology.

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Drone Services of the Americas Inc.

Drone Services of America offers a range of drone services in sectors such as Emergency First Response, Construction/Crop Mapping, Sports Events, and others.

Our drones are used to perform manual tasks and provide a safer workplace.
Achieve cinematic quality aerial photography and videography footage.

Year Incorporated

Completed Projects

Services We Offer

Drone flying over snow

Emergency First Response

Contract and pay per use services available with a service agreement. Thermal imaging, 240x zoom, aerial spot/search light.
Drone flying over crop field

Crop Mapping

Topography assessment, pre-planting, post-planting analysis and reporting, crop spraying.


Drone flying over street

Industrial Inspections

Bridge inspections, roof and home inspections, solar panel array inspections with thermal camera.
Drone flying over soccer field

Sports events

Skydio 2 autonomous A.I. drone to catch all the action as well as manual flight for other functions
Man piloting drone

Life Saving Payloads

DJI M300 RTK payload delivery system can deliver lifesaving payloads like lifejackets and AED’s
Drone flying over building

Construction Mapping

Keep your project on track with 2D and 3D mapping so that you have a progress report and visuals to show your investors

Why Choose Us?

  • Corporate accounts available. 2 million dollars liability insurance, fully certified as per Transport Canada regulations.
  • Emergency Services available on a per use basis or contract. Confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly plans are available.
  • High accuracy digital survey (none legal) to complement your legal survey gives your clients the ability to see their property and project without having to go on site.
  • Keep investors updated on the progress and any delays


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