Drone Services of America offers a range of drone services in sectors such as Emergency First Response, Construction/Crop Mapping, Sports Events, and others.

Services We Offer

Emergency First Response

Structure fires, 3D mapping of the emergency scene for post analysis, search and rescue using thermal imaging technology.

Crop Mapping

Save time and money when utilising drones in the farming industry for tasks like crop mapping.


Industrial Inspections

Don’t allow for anything to be overlooked during industrial inspections. Our drones showcase the fine details with unique angels from the footage.

Sports events

Skydio 2 autonomous A.I. drone to catch all the action as well as manual flight for other functions.

Life Saving Payloads

Payload delivery can quickly attend to someone who is in distress.


Construction Mapping

Utilize drones in the construction industry from start to finish through aerial photography and videography.


Our Work

Drone Services of the Americas Inc.

Drone Services of America was established to meet the needs and demands of the drone industry in Eastern Ontario. Our drones are used to perform manual tasks and provide a safer workplace.

Our drone mapping and aerial inspections are performed to carry out tasks that could be otherwise associated with risk and danger for humans.

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